Perhaps I'll start with a little back story for you, to bring into context what the next few hundred words of dribble and posts will relate to.

When I was 14 I scored my first modeling job, after becoming a state finalist in the Girlfriend Magazine Search. For anyone who knows absolutely nothing about this, it was a very well known modeling competition for teenagers to win a modeling contract with a top agency in Australia, goodie bags, prizes and the cover and feature on Girlfriend Magazine. When I was pretty young Mum tried to get me into modeling and I HATED IT!

I was such a tomboy back then, that modeling to me was just so ridiculous and I'd much rather be outside running around and playing basketball! Heading into my teenage years, I pondered with the idea and started to become fascinated, by all the pretty girls in the magazines and in the shop windows. When I saw that Girlfriend were hosting a competition, Mum convinced me to enter. Extremely shy, NO fashion sense what so ever and zilch experience in front of the camera; I entered. Who would of thought standing there at Westfield Southland Shopping Centre would my name get called out in front of thousands! 

From this, I got flown up to Sydney to shoot for Schwarzkopf, my first ever modeling gig. I was SO nervous I literally look back now and cringe! I remember after the shoot the client took us to an agency in Sydney, for a drop by and I recall wearing this ruched midi emerald green dress, tan gladiator sandals and had burgundy coloured hair from the shoot... and I wondered why they weren't interested in me?! 


From this, I had a little agency during high school where I did some bits and bobs. However, It took me away from school too much, so I decided to give modeling a rest and see out year 12.

By now I was dying to get back into it and all through VCE everyone would talk about what Unis and jobs they wanted out of school. While I secretly sat there dreaming of photoshoots, I felt so embarrassed and didn't like to tell anyone. I knew that no one would take me seriously and I'd get the classic "but what about a real job?"

WELL fast track 7 years later and here I am working my "real" job and bloody loving it!

It's taken a long time to get to where I am today, and by no means do I think I've "made it" or am a "hot shot" at all. But I think it's nice to look back on where I was (green dress, burgundy hair) to now, it's something worth celebrating.

I'm super lucky to say, that I have a great variety of clients under my belt. Such as Bonds, Target, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Myer, Mecca, Kia, Ozmosis, Kmart, Sportsgirl, Intimo, Asics and many more. I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am today, without my amazing clients that stick by me and all my agents along the way.


Often I'll hear of stories about models who were an overnight success or that it just all came rolling in instantly, but for the non Victoria Secret models of the world, ahem, me, it has taken years of absolute disasters and lots of trial and errors to be comfortable where I am now.

I always think back to when I was trying to get my foot in the door, that I wish I knew, what I know now! I hope these tips or insights help anyone out there considering modeling as a job.
It's a bloody tough industry, but in my eyes the highs outweigh the lows by a mile.

I'll be honest, it's quite confronting for me opening up about my career like this and sharing my thoughts. But I just gotta do it! If it helps even one person, then my job is done.

Stay tuned for What I Wish I Knew.. X