Van life

If you know me well or have checked back here enough times, you will be well aware that I'm a sucker for a little getaway, especially if it involves the following things.

Beach, boyfriend, sunshine, eating the whole time and camping. 

Sure, I love a bit of luxury and usually any trip of ours involves a cute little AirBnB, but there's something so relaxing about camping and being so paired back. We stepped it up a notch this time though, with the help of our friends at Apollo Campers who kindly let us take one of their vans on a little excursion, to escape Melbourne and it's hectic Spring Racing Carnival time.

with Apollo Campers

I've actually never slept in a camper van before, so I was really keen cruise around our favourite spots and be able to pull up wherever and have a bit of a relax!
We had the Apollo Vivid Camper which is one of their newer models. It's quite compact but can sleep 4 people! With a double bed on the top and inside, it's perfect if you want a little road trip with your mates or just as a couple and have extra space. When you open the back door, there's a whole bunch of drawers that when you open, it exposes the mobile kitchen! It's honestly so perfect and compact, it takes up no room!
Little gas cooker, fridge, pots, pans, cooking utensils, cutlery, plates, mugs, even a sink. Literally everything you would possibly need to cook and prepare simple meals, is right there. 

Not to mention the linen, pillows, towels, torch and curtains. With chairs and table additional. You could honestly just pull up anywhere and just make lunch and chill, seaside. 

Traveling around in a van is particularly great if you're on a budget but want to get away and see everything. Also great however, if you have all the monies but want to switch off, take a little escape and do something different. The van is like a little home on wheels. Also! Worth noting for any international peeps (HELLO, can't believe you're even reading this!) the Melbourne branch where you pick up the vehicle, is in Tullamarine, literally 5 minutes from the airport. Winning!

We can't wait for summer and to try take another little road trip, down the coast when the weather is way more consistent. (Classic Melbourne, it ranged from hot and sunny, to thunderstorms and rain all in one day. FFS)