I thought I would share my daily skincare routine here, as I get asked all the time what I use to keep my skin in tip top shape.

Having clear, fresh, glowing skin is super important for my job, so I take extra care in keeping it spot on, every single day. I am pretty blessed in that I genetically have great skin already, but that's not to say I haven't had my fair share of skin woes. Those easily coming from laziness in my routine from time to time, stress, how busy I am with work, etc!

 Of course with great skin on the outside, comes from caring for it on the inside. We all hear it- "eat your greens, drink lots of water, get loads of sleep" and I hate to sound like a broken record. But it's true. You could have all the facials in the world and use top notch skincare products, but if you aren't looking after yourself from the inside also, it will show!

Also a side note, by no means am I being paid to mention any of these brands-they are simply just the products and tools I have tried and tested myself, new or old, and love!

Not even exaggerating when I say this- I have been using this Body Shop Body Butter for 10 years. It is hands down my absolute MUST in my beauty bag and if you sent me on a deserted island to only take one beauty item- this would be it.

I alternate between the Shea Butter and Coconut Butter depending on my mood. I tend to go the Coconut in the warmer months for extra summery vibes.

I lather myself in this twice a day, every single day without a fail. Morning and Night. It's the perfect moisturiser for me because it leaves my skin soft and glowy for any shoots and events that day. And also perfect at night to sleep in, because it feels so thick and luxurious. I invest in the larger tubs and would say it gets me through 2 months of silky skin before I buy the next tub.

Sticking to the theme of glowy skin, my next best kept secret is one that I believe is the underdog in the tanning world. Gradual Tan.

I think generally when we think of tan we think mousse, spray tans, dark bronze, instant, the lot. For me, I am quite tanned naturally (the images on this page is my natural summer tan) so using any heavy duties will leave me looking pretty dark and more often then not, work requires just a nice, subtle, sunkissed glow.

Cue- Dove Summer Glow Medium - Dark Gradual Tan and Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Gradual Tan. I love both dearly and go through waves with which product I prefer to use at the time.

If I have a big shoot coming up, I'll pop on a layer of these guys in the lead up to the big day. I like to use my body butter in the morning and my gradual tan at night. This is purely because I'll still be working during the day and don't want to be that girl that puts fake tan marks on the garments! I'll also exfoliate once-twice a week to keep my layers fresh and help the longevity of the tan. Nothing worth noting in the exfoliating department, just the old school, bright pink exfoliating gloves you get from the supermarket for 2 bucks. Works a treat.

I am always out in the sunshine any chance I get and being the beach bum I am, that's a lot of sun on the skin. So without fail, no excuses, I will ALWAYS use at least SPF 30+ Sunscreen. I am the first person that will put my hand up for a beach sesh but I take caring for my skin seriously and understand the effects the sun can have on our skin. With a fancy straw hat, a pair of sunnies and my beloved beach umbrella, I also like to use Ella Bache Great SPF 50+ Bodysaver Sunscreen. I love that it's not too greasy and doesn't dry out my skin after.  

Also, I don't know about you guys, but my face is always so much more pastier then the rest of my body! So to even it out I'll use my Bali Body BB Cream in the Tan shade. This, aside from giving me subtle colour and glowy goodness, also has SPF 15, yay! I use the BB cream flat stick in summer and on all of my holidays. Wearing a full face of makeup with full coverage foundation ain't my thing! 

So there you have it! How I maintain my skin to look photoshoot ready! Again, I am absolutely in no way being sponsored to list any of the products, they are seriously just what I love and use. Also, I'm not a skin care professional, so if you find something that I have recommended that doesn't cut the mustard for you, I'm sorrryyyy don't hate me!


6th of February 2018