Those luscious white cliff houses, the glorious sunshine and the many gyros was all too much.  Arriving by plane from the Amalfi Coast (I know, who I am?!) it didn’t look like much from above.

A quick taxi ride to our Airbnb and the camera roll gained 50 pics. I can see why every man and their dog hangs around the cliffs all day to get the perfect shot because it is just absolutely stunning.​

​Where we stayed- our beautiful little white cave house, booked through AirBnB, was the perfect hang out while sipping on some wine watching the sun go down. Set in the little town of Oia, this is where you'll find the picturesque views, the sunset and the fancy boutiques. Message me if you would like a link to our fabulous little AirBnB!

Where we stuffed our face- not a word of lie, we ate at Pitogyros every single day for our gyros fix. It was clearly an institution amongst locals and tourists. Best bit, one gyro only set us back 3 euros each.

Down in the main town of Santorini, Fira, is legit the best falafels I have ever had in my entire life. Don't even need to be vego to appreciate the deliciousness of Falafel Land. With wraps, dips and everything in between.

Where we hung out- if you have a car/quad bike I suggest driving down to Amoudi Bay. Otherwise, if you’re feeling like a workout, take the 600 return trip of the stairs and you’ll be rewarded with amazing swimming spots. You’ll walk past some seafood restaurants (heard they are amazing, we never got a chance to try. But would definitely be worth heading there for a sunset dinner. Must book in advance) and be welcomed with crystal clear, refreshing water that you can dive straight into, after your heavy breathing down the stairs. Swim over to the rocks and there is some cliff jumping too, if you’re game.

Santos Winery is a non negotiable if you love the following things. Wine, Sunset, Views, Wine, Hanging with friends, Wine and getting ~slightly~ intoxicated. We tried the 18 wine tasting tray with a selection of whites and reds. Safe to say we had A LOT of fun. Also, the Greeks know what's up. Their wine tasting serve is the equivalent of a standard glass of wine, you would get at a bar in Australia. Amazing.