Be Prepared

So I mean this in a lot of factors. Being prepared can refer to preparing for your casting. Make sure you always, even if you aren't asked to, bring along your comp card and folio! It shows you are organised and that you mean business!

Wearing the right outfit to castings is SO essential too. God, I remember when I rocked up wearing an oversized camel coloured knit, with skinny jeans and festival style, black combat boots. Oh My God, honestly what was I thinking?! It is essential to wear an outfit you are comfortable in, I personally believe that is the most important thing. Going into a casting wearing something that you aren't confident in will be obvious to the client and burden your chances at nailing it! Something simple like a pair of nice black jeans, nice boots and a white tee is perfect. Some castings you can get away with wearing certain things opposed to others. A runway or fashion week casting, it's essential to wearing something that shows off your body. Tight fitted, but tasteful outfit. This is so the client can see your body shape and determine what they think you'll suit best in for the show. Whereas a photoshoot or showing, sometimes you might get asked to actually wear something specific. A common one is activewear. Your best, bum enhancing tights and simple crop and singlet is perfect for this situation. The commercial castings I find you'll generally have to put on their garments when you arrive so they can see how everything fits on you. So not entirely necessary, in some cases, to rock up wearing your highest heels and skinniest jeans. They care more about how you look in their own clothes, not yours. Sometimes a nice a line skirt and relaxed shirt or tee does the job. 

Additionally when you are at the job, it's absolutely essential to bring along all the things required off you. Most common items will be nude underwear and nude strapless bra. I've been at a few jobs, where the client hasn't specifically asked for the above. But I think it's common sense to just bring them along anyway, but sometimes, girls will be wearing a black, lacey, strappy bra. And they're about to walk out onto the runway in a white sheer top... not a great look.

Know Your Look and Bloody Own It

I think it's super important for you and your agency to know your strengths and focus on them. From experience, for so long I was being pushed for runway, editorial and more of a high fashion look. I barely got any jobs and my tests just didn't really show me off that well. Realising now that my strengths are on the commercial side, I'm working way more regularly and also a lot more confident in my job. So if you have an amazing smile and good set of teeth, own it and let that be your thing! People will book you for it and when something comes naturally to you, it shines bright even more.

Be Prepared

So I mean this in a lot of factors. being prepared refers to preparing for your casting, your job and just the indsutry as a whole.

For castings make sure you bring...

  • Your folio and comp cards, even if you aren't asked to. It will show how organised you are!

  • Wear an outfit you are comfortable in and fits the brief of the job you are going for. For example, if you're at a fashion week casting. Make sure you wear some plain, high-heels you can comfortably strut in. Basic skinny jeans or a little skirt, and a tight fitted top.