New York

The city that never sleeps! The Concrete Jungle! Whatever other name it's got other then the fab, New York City! 'Twas my first time ever visiting and I can see why everyone raves about it. The hustle and bustle, the shopping, the amount dining options and just the overall vibe. As, with all of our trips, we we're on a bit of a budget. So places we visited and places we ate at, were all really reasonably priced. No Buddakan seen here.

on a budget

Los Tacos - cheap, tasty, uber popular, casual/stand up vibe, no fuss. Just how we like it. Tacos were fresh and simple. Quac and chips, 10/10. Would eat here again, everyday of my life.

Tacocombi - oh what another Mexican restaurant, what a surprise! Bigger scenario then our friends over at Los Tacos. This is more, if you got time for a sit down dinner rather than a dine and dash. Really hip location (we went to SoHo, but are a couple others around the city ), menu is really cool and has many options appealing to pretty much every dietary requirement. Many tacos were enjoyed.

Westlight - out of Manhattan and into Williamsburg. Whilst Williamsburg feels like Brunswick, Westlight was like South Yarra. Quite a lush, fancy fit out with equally fancy cocktails. Staff were extremely attentive. Fabs views of the city skyline. Bookings essential.

Shake Shack - not really going to get into this one other then, it's better than In N Out. Mushroom burger, lit.


$1 Pizza - amazing when you're on a budget. 2 slices of these boys will have you feeling happy, slightly sick? and with more money to spend on other great things, like vintage fashion (heaven in NY).

Comedy Cellar - best activity we did! I'm pretty sure we went on a "secret night" where we didn't know who was going to perform. Ended up being 6 stand up acts. Avoid the front row, unless you like being the butt of all jokes.

Round Two Hollywood - vintage/hype fashion heaven. Nike, Supreme, Guess, Harley Davidson, NBA, Adidas, Yeezy. They got it all. 

Buffalo Exchange - not as curated, feels more like a Salvos/Good Will but some gold in there. If you have time to sift through everything. Multiple locations around the city.

Glossier - see what all the fuss is about and walk out buying beauty products you maybe don't even need! No, I actually love it and it was worth the half an hour wait in line to get inside. I'm a sucker for Instagramable stores. 

The Vintage Twin - female vintage. Mr Throwback - male vintage. And Origins SoHo for probably the best hype vintage store we've ever been to.