In this industry you'll most likely get more No's then Yes', and that is okay! You have to remember, that a client has a particular vision and look in mind. And when you get knocked back from a job, it doesn't necessarily mean, you weren't good enough. It just means you weren't the right look for that particular brief. It took me a while to realise that and still to this day I find myself getting bummed out when I miss a job I really want, but at the end of the day it isn't a reflection on you, or you not being good enough. There are so many factors involved and it just wasn't meant to be, Brush it off, and on to the next one!


With the rise of Instagram and social media, doing "BTS" (Behind the Scenes) and capturing selfies to post on your Insta to let everyone know you're working, is so common. While I think it's all well and good to share your work moments and achievements, at the end of the day. You are there for a job and by you sitting on your phone and taking selfies in the change room for 5 minutes is actually wasting the client, and everyone else on the shoots time. Often, I hear from clients with comments about some models just constantly taking photos of themselves on the job, and that it frustrated them because they are paying the model by the hour to do the actual photoshoot and instead they are so occupied with their own Instagram. In some cases, models will have an additional booking to post photos and videos on their stories, and some clients are all for it. But I think there is a certain time and place, and if the vibe is right and you have an opportunity to, then go ahead. Otherwise, stay off your phone and focus on the job you are being paid to do. Being professional and in the moment will guarantee you will be remembered for the right reasons. 


As bad as it sounds, we are booked mainly on our appearance. So if you walk into casting looking like a slob, or not wearing the right outfit. You'll burden your chances straight away. I remember when I met with a new booked at my ageny for some "digis" (just plain photos taken on a digital camera or iPhone with you wearing minimal to no makeup and an outfit to show your figure, so clients can see what you look like naturally) I rocked up wearing leather skinny jeans, festival style, black combat phoots and a camel coloured, oversized knit. What. On. Earth. I obviousy didn't get many jobs after that, because I totally wore the wrong thing, Wearing a simple white tee, black jeans and nice heeled boots is a much better option then said camel knit. Also another thing to note, how you act on photoshoots is extremely important. Kind of going back to Get Off Your Damn Phone, but how you act on the shoot will determine whether you get booked again and just remember, word travels fast in this industry. If you act bratty, complain too much or are just a bit difficult. Just know that, word will get out and don't be suprised if you never hearfrom that client again. Being respectful, professional and polite is what will get you remmebered for all the right reasons. lso, (sorry so many add ons) best to keep political views and touchy subjects to yourself, I recall a photographer told me once that a model made a racist comment and lets just say people never forget and yep, she wasn't booked again.