Los Angeles

on a budget

Back to one of our favourite cities. LA is a place we could call home.

Whilst our move to the states isn't on the horizon for a little while, travels back and forth are on the agenda. However, because we aren't made of millions; our travels, as always, are budget friendly! 

We visited old favourites and discovered new gems.

Listed below is our top picks for LA life that won't break the bank and Whole Foods, if you're reading; I will happily be your ambassador x

Whole Foods - Ok, while we're on the topic. I still love it and still wish we had it here down in Australia. The self serve food bays and abundance of snacks, made up 80% of our lunches. Also rekindled my love for brussel sprouts, random. 

Erewhorn - similar to Whole Foods. We just grabbed some juices but they were uber healthy and uber delicious. Would stay away if I lived in LA, I'd spend my entire life savings on almond butter and organic sauerkraut. 

Lemonade - does what it says and does it well. Also serves up salads and poke bowls which looked great too.

Cafe Gratitude - our favourite cafe we visited on this trip. Acai bowl and Iced Almond Latte, can't get any more LA then that.

Melrose Trading Post - mentioned it in my last blog post of LA here, great vintage finds and everyone there is just cool. 

Round Two Vintage and all the other millions of vintage stores along Melrose. 

Sneakers N Stuff - on Venice Beach is 10/10 along with some hidden gems near the skate bowl too.

Spartina - our favourite dinner spot. Fabulous happy hour (pretty sure it was every day) with $11 pizza and $8 Aperols, and they're that good, Italian style kind.

Zinque - was clearly a hotspot for locals in the chic Melrose end. Be super LA, order the salad. With a rosé.

Koreatown - annoyingly I cannot remember the actual restaurant we went to, however it was a dingy little Indian place and it was packed. Large curry each with rice, naan bread to share and a drink each for literally $20 USD. So good. Anywhere in Koreatown will give you a great feed for cheap.