I love playing around with different types of edits and these days, there are SO many types of programs and apps that it can be a little overwhelming. Below are my go to's, with Lightroom and VSCO Cam being my number ones!


I think this is the best editing app that I've ever used. Lightroom, in my opinion, is an absolute necessity when editing photos and I'd almost say not one photo that has been uploaded to Instagram or this very website, hasn't not passed through Lightroom. I use the mobile app just because it's easy for me and super handy for quick Insta uploads. Here you can edit the lighting and tones of the image, the colours and the structure, as well as heaps of other basics you would expect in a photo app. I don't have any presets myself or anything I always go-to, because I believe every image is different and requires specific tuning depending on the photo and effect you're after. By that I mean, I will always fiddle around with the Light Icon; in this you'll be able to change the exposure, contrast, highlights, whites etc. This really changes your photo and the mood you want your photo to portray. I also love to play around with the Curve tool in this setting as it really changes the shadows and dynamic of the whole image. Additionally, in the Colour Icon; you'll be able to change colours and tones in the photo. Especially good for sunset pics, you can really saturate the beautiful reds and pinks of a sunset using this feature. Have a play around and soon you'll find little bits that work best for your photos and develop your own go-tos and styles using Lightroom. It's seriously the best.


This is a new one I've been road testing and I quite like it for something different. I have a sweet spot for polaroids but sometimes lugging your instant camera around can be annoying (especially if you're at a festival) however Instants gives you the option to use any photo on your camera roll and turn it into a polaroid pic, yes! I like that there's different filters you can pick for your polaroid but also have the option to have the image as is. Sometimes I'll edit my photo in Lightroom as usual then just apply in the Instant app as is. After saving, I'll also crop to scale so it fits nicely on Instagram without any big boarders. 


Fun fact, I downloaded this app years ago and at the time, wasn't a massive fan. When I was bored with my current edits and wanted a fun new app to play with, I remembered this little guy. I am so glad I got it back because there is just so much variety in the app. The tools I use the most is the Tune Image for general brightening and ambience, Tonal Contrast and Grainy Film. The last being my absolute favourite. I use this tool to give me that grainy effect with a bit of structure and colour to photos. I always tone down the Style and Grain just because it can be a bit much and I prefer my photos to look more on the natural side. This is another fun app to play around with and find the little tools that work best for you!


Finally, an old faithful. VSCO is like the OG in the iPhone editing app world and was the first photo editing app I downloaded. From time to time I'll refresh back to it because I love how easy it is to use and the filters are so natural and flattering. I think it's vital to be able to alter filters to make it the fullest or dullest you want and VSCO does just that. Sometimes you may love the way a filter works on your photo but it could look 100 times better if you brought it down just that little bit. Other mention; I also like to use the Grain and and Colour Tints for an extra somethin' somethin'. In Lightroom you'll be able to do some of this however in VSCO I find it can be a lot quicker. 

23rd of May 2018