Thanks to Instagram, being able to flaunt your business class expenditure has never been easier. We see the lounges, the champagne, the fancy airplane pijama getup and the beds. Oh the luxury. 

For all us mere mortals (the majority of us) long haul travel means - squished in an economy seat, a lot of bread and rice, scratchy blankets, sleeping along the seats by the foodcourt, entering in your 4th email to renew the wifi and wearing your daggiest outfit possible. 

Often, on Instagram and blogs alike, I see an unrealistic idea of over seas travel. While one day I hope to have the lifestyle to travel like that, and would never shy away from being offered a first class ticket (anyone?!) it just screams unattainable and to me, not a true depiction of how pretty much everyone else in the world travels.

For us Australians, getting overseas is a bloody hard task. Aside from Bali and our mates over in NZ. But, if you've ever been to Europe. It's a 30 hour plus commitment and no-one gets off that plane revitalised and refreshed. No, you come off smelling like you haven't showered for precisely 30 hours. Wearing the same sloppy t-shirt and maybe a slightly over-glowed face, from the cream you lathered on 10 minutes prior, to salvage any gorgeousness left. 

I don't know how many overseas flights qualify you to become an expert, but can I just say; being a 6ft tall girl, with the longest legs and a light sleeper. Economy travel is the absolute pits. And wow, if I can survive these flights and come away from it thinking it was pretty comfortable, then maybe I'm doing something right? Until I have the millions to afford a business class ticket, I'll be hogging the window seat in economy and living through my tried and tested tricks. 


Obvious, I know, My preferred seat choice is the window seat in the very back row of the plane. Reasons being; no one is sitting behind you, so there's no guilt of pushing your seat back and annoying the other person, close to the toilets but not too close that you can tell. If you've got the window seat you obviously won't have anyone knocking you as they hover and walk past for the toilets, but you're super close if you need it. 


While economy these days is pretty generous, in that they mostly provide you with entertainment, headphones, blankets, charger points and pillows. However, I think it's imperative to be prepared and bring your own for back up. Too often some of the above things haven't worked and that left me staring at the back of the chair in front of me for 7 hours, totes fun. Bringing your own headphones, scarf/blankey/jumper, portable phone charger, book, puzzles, cards anything small that will keep you entertained. Along with things like eye mask, ear plugs, compression/long thick socks are a no brainer. 


If you ask the attendant to fill up your bottle, they will do it for you. Saves unnecessary use of single use plastic cups they hand out and you can stay hydrated throughout the flight. If you forgot your bottle, you can keep the cup from the meal service and refill it at the little water station by the toilets. Less plastic and hydration!