Spring is here which also means, Festival Season is near. I wouldn't say I'm a festival pro AT ALL. But I've been to a few and some of the time I get it so bloody wrong. In particular, I'm talking about outfits and how prepared I am on the day. I think I get too caught up in the aesthetics of it all, that practicality gets thrown out the window. I've created a little list of some tricks, that may seem obvious to some but I've seen and experienced first hand how it can all go downhill from some simple little things. 


Let me paint the picture for you. I'ts day one of Coachella, my first ever experience. I've had my outfits planned for 5 months prior. I wear these amazing, custom boots for the first day paired back with an equally amazing floral dress and I'm ready to go. I get into the festival and 2 hours in, I was heading into the merchandise store to purchase some emergency flip flops/thongs/anything to save my feet. NOW, I did all the ground work prior to this. I wore those boots around the house with my pijamas, for months prior to break them in. I wore thick socks to stretch and soften. I even did the wet newspaper trick to stretch them out a week before. I believe I did all I could to avoid blisters but I guess 40 degree heat, walking around a festival is slightly different conditions to my 10 degree, Melbourne based kitchen and my feet just couldn't deal.

Before you say anything, yes, of course I had bandaids but they were no match for that Coachella heat and all my months of outfit planning went out the window when I simply had to cave in and get those hideous $15 slippers from the merch store. What an absolute disaster.

Anyway, what I'm trying to make a point is. You can get those new fabulous shoes and take all the measures necessary, but I think you're better off sticking to your most comfortable shoes that won't let you down. I quickly found out, a festival like Coachella is a marathon, not a race and there is honestly nothing worse then blisters on your feet to ruin your experience. 


If you've ever been to a festival, chances are you've seen that girl/guy out front with their friends. Head bowed down between their legs, post vomit. That is the classic, went too hard at pres, now has to try and sober up to get into the actual festival you've paid hundreds of dollars for and the whole damn reason why you are there. Having pre drinks before a festival is half the fun and a very inexpensive way to get ready before you go in. We all know how expensive food and drink is in the festival, so we all take advantage of having a few before we go in. Problem is, some go a bit too hard and once they get there. They spend the next hour or so trying to sober up and control themselves. I've spoken to people who bought tickets to see an artist they loved, but miss the whole set because they were in the cubicles vomiting their vodka raspberry all up. Not a way you want to start the day. Slow and steady wins the race guys. 


Annoyingly, I misplace where I put all my portable chargers but I never forget to bring it along on the day. No