Coachella, also known as the Best Weekend of my God Damn Life was nothing short of absolutely amazing. I can see why the whole Instagram world stops for these two weekends. The desert, the palm trees, the sunshine, the people, the artists, the sculptures, literally this makes every festival I've ever been to seem like a small gathering. Oh and not to mention the fact Queen B blew all our socks off and brought out Destiny's Child AND Jay Z. You bet a cried, copious amounts of happy tears. 

I've taken an oath to myself that I shall, and will, go to Coachella every year because it is just the best thing ever. Popping my Coachella cherry was extra special, because I was lucky enough to collaborate with a few of my favourite Australian brands whilst I was over there! 

I've listed all the brand details below! And for anyone wondering, most of my pics were taken out front of our AirBnB in Palm Springs, to allow for extra time in the festival to fully enjoy myself and live outside of my iPhone screen (crazy, I know).