my legit list of beach essentials

I say legit, because this post is in no way, shape or form sponsored by any of the brands I'm mentioning. We all know I love the beach, I bang on about it quite a bit. So I'd almost say, I'm a beach goer expert. If that's even a thing.

First, I'll start with saying that no beach hang is complete without the following.

Suncreen! (most important), a towel (obvious), swimsuit (also obvious), an umbrella (extra sun protection and looks chic) and sunnies (unless you love to squint). Now, my additions are essentials in my opinion, because they enhance my experience and I just love being extra.

Fancy straw bag is the first thing I'll reach for. Fits everything, easy to look after, good for the planet and looks cool. Not a word of a lie, I own about 10 and make good use out of all of them. I'll then chuck in a book or mag, my camera (for taking 100 photos of the same pier), tanning oil, headphones (to listen to podcasts or my playlists on Spotify) and a big bottle of water (no plastic!).

As much as I love being tanned and being at the beach, sun protection is still very important to me. In Australia particularly, we are known for having super harsh UV rays which can be really harmful if you don't look after yourself! I'll always use SPF 50+ when I can or 30+ otherwise. Higher the better, and of course re-apply. Your mum was right. You gotta re-apply after swimming and sweating, every 2 hours. Your skin will thank you later! 

Sunscreen- Ella Bache SPF 50+ is fab! Smells great and makes you look dewy and amazing.

Face- Mecca To Save Face Sunscreen in SPF 50, is the actual tits. Along with, Bali Body BB Cream in Tan. With SPF 15 is also up there. Helps with my pale face and gives me some extra jazz.

Tanning Oil- Bali Body Watermelon Tanning Oil SPF 6. for achieving a dark, natural tan. Skin feels nice after. I've been using their oils since they started biz back in 2014 and I've never looked back.

Face Spray- Who doesn't love a bit of a face spritz throughout the day? I love the Bali Body Hydrating Face and Body Mist and Mario Badescu Face Spray (rosewater in it smells divine)

Beach Bag- Hope and May or Joyce and Co. Also Ikea do a pretty good straw bag, can use for multiple things too! Storage basket, washing basket, pot plant, store other straw bags.

Sunnies- Okay I have quite a few but I always find myself reaching for the trusty Ray Bans. But love Velvet Canyon, Lucy Folk, Le Specs, Sportsgirl and Soda Shades. Always polarised.

Swimsuit- I will say, I don't have a particular brand I always turn to. Because I'm all about individual fit and design. However Tigerlily, Peony, Storm, Zulu and Zephr and Faithfull are my regulars.

Towel- Country Road or Turkish Murkish. When I'm traveling I like to take my turkish towel, because it rolls up really small and is super light.

Podcast- Shameless Podcast (for celebrity and pop culture gossip) Your Creative Start (for freelance business insights and tips) and Seize the Yay (Sarah is goals)

Umbrella- Sunday Supply Co is my all time fave. So chic and really good quality.

14th of December, 2018