So my boyfriend and I joked that one day we will retire here...but seriously. My favourite place that we travelled to in Europe by far!


If you're into cruising along the coast on a scooter, perfect sunny days, aperol spritz galore and the best pastas of your life. Then I would HIGHLY recommend the Amalfi Coast

It's clear why half your Instagram feed flocked here for the European summer and I was one of them. Sue me.

How to get there- Fly in to Naples, then from there, the cheapest way, is to get a train down to Sorrento from Naples or taxi or drive. We stayed in a small town called Sant'Angelo. 15 min walk or one train stop away from Sorrento.

Getting around- Hiring a scooter is an absolute must when staying along the coast. Everything is spread out between the towns, so zipping around on a scooter is the easiest way. Also means you can stop at amazing spots whenever you like and it's so much more practical then having a car. You'll find parking is pretty limited around here, so having a scooter seriously helps. We booked ours through FreeWay Scooter.

Stuffing your face- Down the road from where we were staying, was a little local restaurant called Big Mummas. The official name is Mi Ami, but we liked to call it Big Mummas, because of the beautiful Italian women that ran the restaurant. We knew we hit the jackpot when we were pretty much the only tourists there. 

A short 10 minutes out of Positano, on the off beaten track is La Tagliata. The views, unbelievable. We were literally eating in the clouds. As the sun was setting, a mystical layer of cloud came down and it was truly magical. Set in what felt like an Italian treehouse, was a family run restaurant for the last 18 years. The chefs where the parents and the waiters were members of the family. No menu and reservations only, it was platters and platters of home cooked Italian delights. Honestly, one of the best dining experiences I've ever had. 


Where to hang- One Fire Beach was a highlight on our trip and even though we got lost trying to find it, it was absolutely worth it. We did it the hard way and walked about 400 steps, found out once we got there you can get a boat back and fourth. Nonetheless those aperol spritz were hard earned and boy did we have our fair share. Lazying by the beach lounges, taking dips into the ocean and easy beats playing all day just topped it off. Make sure you stay for "melon time" at 4:30pm, the staff all gather around and celebrate Italian style, slicing up a giant watermelon and handing out to everyone. Just great vibes all day long. 

28th of August 2017