You may or may not remember, but a while back I did a little write up about all my little body skincare saviours (if you've missed it, click here). I'm now going to share my skincare routine for all things face!

I go between using Endota Organics, MECCA Cosmetica, Maaemo Organics and DMK ranges. Just depending on what I feel like my skin needs, I'll use items from these brands. The reason being is because they do the job well, feel great on my skin and are really accessible! You'll find Mecca products exclusively in stores, Endota Spa's all across the state, Maaemo sold on their website and DMK in a lot of boutique salons. All Australian places FYI.

SO, In the AM I Cleanse, Serum, Eye Cream, Moisturise, Lip Balm.

And in the PM I Cleanse, Exfoliate (2-3 times a week), Night Cream/Mask/Serum, Lip Balm.

Here is the full product breakdown of my current faves!

Cleanse - Endota Spa Organics Moisture Cleansing Milk

Serum - DMK Beta Gel or Maaemo Face Elixir

Moisturise - DMK Pro Amino Cream or Maaemo Face Cream

Eye Cream - DMK Eye Tone

Lip Balm - Burt's Bees

Exfoliate - Endota Spa Organics Triple Action Exfoliating Cream

Night Cream - Endota Spa Organics Nourish & Repair Night Cream 

Night Mask - Endota Spa Organics Intense Moisture Mask

During busy periods with work I always notice that my skin dries up and gets quite tight. From having so many different products on my face every day, my skin starts to go a bit hay-wire. In these moments I will use my Endota Organics Intense Moisture Mask as a night cream. This mask isn't that kind that goes all crackly or would rub off onto your pillow and be an absolute disaster. It's more like a thick moisturiser that I find provides much more then your everyday cream.

Another alternative that I like to use for my super dry skin is the Maaeo Vitalize Face Elixir. If you can handle that oily feeling (although I think it's delightful) then this bad boy will give you the glow you've longed for. I'll also use this during the day as my serum under my moisturiser if I feel like my skin needs some extra care. 

My last skin care saviour, and this definitely is not on the daily, is my monthly DMK Enzyme Facials at A1 Skin Spa! After hearing a lot of good things about enzyme facials, I decided to give it a crack. After a not so great experience at an Australian skincare franchise, I was SUPER hesitant letting anyone touch my face. Now I am so happy with A1 that I go in once a month for my face touching and skin lovin. In-between my appointments, whenever my skin is screaming out for some attention- I love to use those scary looking, make you look like a weirdo, cloth masks! I'm currently loving Mecca Cosmeticas Fresh Faced Masks. They are so perfect because you don't need to be an expert at anything. You just whack them on your face, leave for 15 minutes and your face feels uber fresh. I often will use these before a big shoot so my skin is extra glowy or while I'm traveling after a long haul flight. Fancy tip: the extra juice in the pack should not be discarded! Savour every drop and use the left overs as a serum after your mask!

And there you have it! My daily face saviours! I get asked all the time about what products, treatments and facial things I use, so I thought it was only fitting that I gather all the info up and make a fancy little page out of it! Of course, I am always trying and testing new products and treatments but at the time of writing this, they're all my faves.


If you have any specific questions or comments about any products and things I've mentioned, don't hesitate to shoot me a message, I don't bite.


Photography - Marissa Alden

21st of May 2018